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Kaesar was pay high attention to introduce the new technology of electric forklift from Italy and invested a lot of money in design and development,and also joint with University to study the AGV, Heavy industrial equipment, Tow tractor to meet customers' requirement. and committed to design for customers high level automatic Logistics system. We have a very strong ability in produce and supply to demand your all different requirements in warehouse equipments.
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Model TP-Dstand on pallet truck

Model TP-Dstand on pallet truck

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Product Details
Model of product TP15D TP20D TP25D TP30D
Loading Capacity (kg) 1500 2000 2500 3000
Lifting Height (mm) 200 200 200 200
Length of forks (mm) 1100 1200 1200 1200
Width of forks (mm) 560/630 560/630 560/630/680 560/630/680
Power of tract motor (KW) 24V/1.2KW 24V/1.5KW 24V/1.5KW 24V/2.0KW
Power of pump motor (KW) 24V/1.0KW 24V/2.0KW 24V/2.5KW 24V/3.0KW
Capacity of Battery (AH) 24V/210AH 24V/210AH 24V/240AH 24V/280AH

Kaesar TP-D series full electric pallet truck driving station, take the floating system structure design driven, makes walking more stable, driving more friction, faster, is conducive to work efficiency, can protect the safety of drivers when steering, hydraulic or electric power allocation to users is the most ideal choice.

The electric pallet truck adopts floating type drive system structure design, which makes

the walking more stable, and the driving friction force is bigger, and the working

efficiencyis favorable.

TP20D station drive type full electric pallet truck

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